Winter’s Wonderland

Escape to a winter of wondrous nature and extraordinary culture in the northern Berkshire mountains.

Towns, mountains, and forest trails shimmer in a wintery glow. Restaurants craft delectable specialties from local harvests. Indoors and out, artworks inspire, provoke, and engage.

Hotels and inns offer warm comfortable settings from which to stage your visit.

The Williams Inn

Step out into a wintery wonderland on snowshoes or skis. Enjoy gentle snowshoe hikes on well-marked trails or free form amongst the trees – you can always follow you own tracks back!

Check out our hiking maps and resources to plan your routes.

Snowshoeing can be fun for the whole family!

Put a little glide in your step with a cross country ski on groomed ski trails or anywhere there’s enough snow.

Prospect Mountain

For more of a rush, click into Alpine or Tele skis or snowboards at a nearby ski resort.

Jiminy Peak

Or take your skis or snowshoes into the powdery backcountry.

When you’re ready to warm up indoors, acquaint yourself with masterpieces of European and American art at The Clark Art Institute.

The Clark Art Institute

Consider thought-provoking and engaging installations at MASS MoCA with ample indoor spaces for families, couples, and individuals to roam and explore.


To refuel, treat yourself at one of the many Berkshire restaurants serving locally sourced and crafted food and spirits.

When the sun sets and temperatures start to fall, you can cozy up indoors, read inspiring fiction and prose by one of our local authors, or head out for a concert or performance!

Edith Wharton’s library at The Mount in Lenox.

Curate your Northern Berkshire Winter and Spring experiences now.