2019 Community Leader Donors

Leon Aalberts
Rob and Christy Abel
Herbert Allen
John and Jane Allen
Hank and Pam Art
Bob and Ilona Bell
David and Deborah Bergeron
Wally and Roz Bernheimer
Ellen Bernstein
Bill and Margo Bowden
Jim and Marylou Briggs
Brod & Taylor/Berkshire Innovations
Jock and Jyette Brooks
Duncan and Susan Brown
Stephen and Susan Brown
Andy Burr and Ann McCallum
Paul Chan and Donald Toumey
Chip and Michele Chandler
Larry Cherkis and Joan Benjamin
Susan Clarke
Gail Clott
Eric and Stacy Cochran
Michael and Licia Conforti
Linda Conway
Tom and Melissa Cragg
John and Barbara Craig
Diane Cramer
Dean Crawford and Darra Goldstein
David and Jane Edge
ExxonMobil Foundation
Joe and Tracy Finnegan

Beth-Anne Flynn
Juliet Flynt
John and Sarah Foehl
Michael Glier
Dusty and Gale Griffin
Andreas and Diane Halverson
Michael Ann Holly
Kate Hyde
Isabel Jacobs
Leila Jere
Jeffrey and Susan Jones
Tom and Sandra Jorling
Jodi Joseph
Bill and Marianne Judge
Chris and Lori Kapiloff
Jim and Alison Kolesar
John and Kathleen Lanoue
Ira and Fran Lapidus
Karen Lartin
Chet and Kate Lasell
Dave and Candy Low in memory of Joe Low
Penny Low
Nancy Maier
Maud Mandel and Steve Simon
Al Marden
Jeanne Marklin and Jerry Carpio
Bill and Susan McClements
Phil and Kathy McKnight
Barbara and Don McLucas
Rick and Leslie Morgenthal
Kathleen Morris and Robert Kraus
Paul Neely
Kevin O’Rourke and Edith Thurber
Dennis O’Shea

Ken and Jenny Pendery
Doug and Jane Pickard
Fred and Susan Puddester
Brian Renaud and Chai Piraban
Larry and Judy Raab
David and Donna Rempell
David and Deborah Rothchild
Bernice Shainman
Tom and Ginny Sheldon
Larry Smallwood and Lisa Dorin
Phil and Marynelle Spear
David Spencer and Shannon O’Brien
John and Jid Sprague
St. John’s Church of Williamstown
Richard and Gwen Steege
Bob and Carol Stegeman
Sheila Stone
John and Martha Storey
Jane and Win Stuebner
Michael Sussman
Jay and Rachel Tarses
Peter and Laurie Thomsen
Lee Venolia and Jay Thoman
Carl and Margarit Vogt
Jack and Suzy Wadsworth
Waubeeka Golf Links/Mike Deep
Betsy Burris and Brad Wells
Alleson White
Williams College
Alice Wilson
Jim and Priscilla Worrall
Joan Zegras

2018 Community Leader Donors

Leon Aalberts
Christy and Rob Abel
Jane and John Allen
Jill and Ned Benedict
Joan Benjamin and Larry Cherkis
Deborah and David Bergeron
Roz and Wally Bernheimer
Ellen Bernstein
Margo and Bill Bowden
Marylou and Jim Briggs
Jytte and Jock Brooks
Susan and Duncan Brown
Susan and Stephen Brown
Betsy Burris and Brad Wells
Michele and Chip Chandler
Susan Clarke
Gail Clott
Stacy and Eric Cochran
Melissa and Tom Cragg
Barbara and John Craig
Jack and Maureen Dietze
Don Dion
Jane and David Edge
Gintare Everett
Sarah and John Foehl
ExxonMobil Foundation
Ed Fauteux
Tracy and Joe Finnegan
Beth-Anne Flynn

Amanda Bell Goldmaker and Leo Goldmakher 
Dara Goldstein and Dean Crawford
Diane and Andreas Halvorsen
Michael Ann Holly
John Hyde
Kate Hyde
Liela Jere
Jodi Joseph
Marianne and Bill Judge
Bob Kraus and Kathleen Morris
Katie and John Lanoue
Fran and Ira Lapidus
Karin Lartin
Karen Kelly and Bill Levy
Martha and Bob Lipp (The Bari Lipp Foundation)
Candy and David Low (in memory of Joe Low)
Penny Low
Al Marden
Kathy and Phil McKnight
Barbara and Don McLucas
Shannon OBrien and David Spencer
Dennis O’Shea
Jenny and Ken Pendry

Susan and Fred Puddester
Lawrence and Judith Raab
Donna and David Rempell
Deborah and David Rothschild
St. John’s Church
Ruby Sparks
Philip and Marynelle Spear
Richard and Gwen Steege
Carol and Bob Stegeman
Elizabeth Stone
Sheila Stone
Martha and John Storey
Rachel and Jay Tarses
Michael and Diane Taylor
Jennifer Thompson
Laurie and Peter Thomsen
Lee Venolia and Jay Thoman
John Umlauf
Susy and Jack Wadsworth
Rita Watson
Waubeeka Golf Links
Alleson White
Williams College
Town of Williamstown
Martha Williamson
Alice & David Wilson
Katey Winant
Barbara Winslow
Priscilla and Jim Worrall