Williamstown Clay Court Tennis Club (WCCTC)

Season: June through September (into October if weather permits)
For information contact Jack Madden or David Horton.

The Williamstown Clay Court Tennis Club (WCCTC) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to maintaining and preserving the five remaining clay tennis courts in the Williams College Tennis complex. Playing on clay courts is a lot of fun, and also much easier on your body and joints, we have found!

Season membership: $200


  • Play is between 9am and 7pm, 7-days- a-week. The courts will be unlocked during these hours,?unless they are unsuitable for play (too wet, for example).
  • The court sign-up notebook will be in the white wooden box attached to the outside of the?fence, just to the right of the gate into the courts.
  • Sign-ups may occur no more than ONE WEEK (to the hour!) before play time.
  • Time slots are listed in 1 ? hour intervals, beginning at 9am.
  • Five courts are available for each time slot. Please sign your name on the line for the court on which you wish to play.


  • Non-members may play at the rate of $10/hour, PER PERSON, or $15 PER PERSON to play for a one and one-half hour time slot.
  • A group of four non-members would pay $60 total for one time slot.
  • Either cash, or checks made out to WCCTC, should be deposited before play in the slot under the?lid of the metal cash box which is attached to a post beside the shed by the entrance to the?courts.
  • All non-members playing with groups of members are still expected to pay the fees outlined above.
  • Non-member groups cannot reserve a court ahead of time, but may pay (as described above) and play whenever there is a free and unreserved court.

We also sponsor a USTA Senior Tournament on the clay courts in July. It is dedicated to the memory of Clarence Chaffee (long-time and much loved coach at Williams), Billy Hart (avid local player) and Nancy Alden (worked tirelessly on the tournament for many years). It is a fun event to participate in, and also to watch.

Williams College Tennis Courts
Linde Lane
Williamstown, MA 01267
$200 season membership / court fees for non-members