Todd Reynolds

April 9 - April 12, 2020

Todd Reynolds is violinist, composer, educator and technologist. Here he introduces a recent virtual duet with Brooklyn-based composer and musician Darren Solomon:

“I used to record for Darren Solomon years ago when he produced music for a large commercial firm in New York City. I would record violin for him on scores for television and radio and we’ve remained friends ever since. Now the owner of his own company, and me of mine, we produce music out of our own recording studios, I in North Adams, and Darren in Brooklyn, NY.

During this strange time of quarantine and isolation, it is no less important for musicians to make music with each other than it ever was, in fact it feels perhaps more imperative to connect and create, even over distance.

Darren had an idea for a series of short performance film projects to which he invited me to contribute. His intent was to work within our unique, socially isolated situational conditions using the technology available – our laptops and our phones – in much the way his internet hit, In B Flat, was created in 2011. We sent one file back and forth without even so much as a phone conversation, and Darren compiled it together into this video.

THEN we hopped on Zoom for a nice long video catchup since we haven’t seen each other in ages, you know, as one does in the time of CoViD-19.”

You can learn more about Todd and Darren at their respective websites:

Catch their collaboration on YouTube here: