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Taryn Simon: A Cold Hole and Assembled Audience

May 26 - September 30, 2018

Two new installation commissions dive into rituals of applause and the cold water plunge, along with the first-ever major museum installation of the artist?s bookwork.

Cold water plunges have a long history on holy days, as stunts or as solitary rituals for renewal. Apache leader Geronimo immersed to prepare boys for manhood and battle. Russian President Vladimir Putin observed the tradition on Epiphany.

Simon?s exhibition involves a real cold-water plunge:? the gallery floor will become an expanse of solid ice with a single square hole cut from its center, and visitors and performers are intermittently invited to jump into the icy water below.

In Assembled Audience, thousands of individually recorded claps generate a new virtual crowd.?Image?courtesy of the artist and Mass MoCA.

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