Sand Springs Ginger Ale Punch

Sand Springs is a natural thermal spring which rises from 4,500 feet below Williamstown. In addition to bottled spring water, at one time, they made Ginger Ale and a recipe book to go along.

Dr. S. L. Lloyd started the bottling operation, creating ginger ale and other beverages, when he purchased the property in 1893. The bottling plant closed in 1958.

With Sand Springs’ Famous Summer Drink Recipes (c. 1920) you can mix up a vintage punch for a garden party, wedding reception, or just a fine afternoon on a sun-filled porch, and travel back in time… 

Click the image below to read four different recipes:

Williamstown Historical Museum offers these pages of punch cocktails from the Sand Springs’ recipe book. Visit the museum, or their digital catalog, for all sorts of interesting Williamstown history!

Williamstown Historical Museum