Pine Cobble School

Pine Cobble is an independent day school serving 147 students preschool through ninth grade. As the only independent elementary and middle school in northern Berkshire County, the Pine Cobble experience is qualitatively different from the other options.

Whether it?s our spectacular 20+ acre campus, a living laboratory for learning; our collaborative and creative classrooms; our inviting and inclusive community; our deliberately small class size; or our thoughtful approach to character education, nothing about Pine Cobble is institutional.

We offer healthful lunches served to mixed-age tables, with two faculty present at each table. Spanish begins in preschool (with a bilingual classroom for three-year-olds), Latin in fourth grade. All students spend at least 40 minutes outdoors daily, and many classes are taught outside. Learning is highly differentiated for all students; projects are hands-on. By graduation, students have become confident public speakers, critical thinkers, and resourceful lifelong learners.

163 Gale Road
Williamstown, MA 01267