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Mt. Prospect Overlook

This sweeping view over Williamstown with the Taconics and Green Mountains beyond is sure to please, if not thrill!

There are many ways to reach the Mt Prospect overlook on the northern side of Mount Greylock. Most of them involve a steep climb.

Here’s four options:

  • Climb from The Hopper trailhead using Money Brook Trail (long and steep route to the overlook)
  • Hike the Appalachian Trail (AT) from the Mount Greylock summit (long but less steep)
  • Ascend the AT from Pattison Road near Mt. Williams Reservoir (shorter at 1.5 mile one way, and a good climb)
  • Park along Notch Road near Wilbur’s Clearing (shortest, and not as steep)

Beautiful any season! Photo credit to Stephanie Boyd.

Tip: The overlook is not at the Mt Prospect summit. The vista is about a mile north of the summit where the Mt Prospect Trail intersects the AT.

Download your own map of all Mount Greylock trails in the link below.

Mount Greylock State Reservation