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Linear Park Trails

Flat walking loops wander through the woods and fields along the Green and Hoosic rivers.

The Woods Loop travels through a floodplain forest along the rivers and past their confluence as they flow west to meet the Hudson River in Stillwater, N.Y.

The Field Loop follows the edge of ploughed fields, deep fertile soils formed by the deposit of mineral-rich silts from the seasonal flood cycles.? Look for summer wildflowers like daisies, chicory, goldenrod and Queen Anne?s Lace along the field edges, and a flood of buttercups in June.

The 22-acre flood plain forest and field are home to many birds, from woodpeckers and thrushes to hawks, and turkeys.

To find the trails:?Follow Route 2 east of Route 43 and just past the graveyard. Beside the brick Greylock Insurance building, an unassuming driveway leads to a tennis court, picnic tables and the trail head with a map.

Woodland Drive, off of Route 2
Williamstown, MA