Jackie Sedlock

Ceramic artist Jackie Sedlock shares her inspirations, her process, and how you can join in an exploration of clay at her unique retreat.

What inspires your work?

I am fascinated with the natural world and its connection to the hand work of rural life – mountain springs filling cisterns which water gardens, growing food, constructing tools and storage, and  following the rhythm of seasons to meet daily needs. I’m interested in how this work connects us with the land and with one another. I see ritual and devotion in this kind of living, and seek to visually communicate this connection in my daily practice using clay.

What is Jackie Sedlock Pottery?

Jackie Sedlock Pottery is an artist retreat focused on self exploration through clay. My four bedroom studio/guesthouse can accommodate 10 guests, and is often buzzing with makers who travel from all over to learn from professionals, and from each other.

Participants leave with a fuller understanding of what it means to be a maker in this special time in history. It never fails to be transformative.

The studio also offers private instruction in pottery and sculpture to day visitors. Currently I am scheduling individual instruction, one family at a time in the studio, or small groups with plenty of space in an open air environment, social distancing, and sanitizing the space and tools. 

What sort of kiln do you use?

After 30 years of making pottery fired in electric kilns, I decided to explore wood firing. This decision was an effort to bring (literally) a more elemental process to my work, and to use less fossil fuel.

Wood firing also demands teamwork and creates a wonderful model for exploring cooperation and creativity, both paramount to a teaching studio. 

After a two year search to find the right kiln design, I decided on a single chamber catenary arch kiln. In 2019, a small crew led by nationally celebrated potter, Julie Crosby, completed the construction of the kiln in ten days. 

Firing the wood kiln is always an adventure. As we learn to understand the process, we learn about ourselves and our connections with nature and with each other.

I can’t think of a better teacher.

Please get in touch if you’d like to experience the magic that is learning through clay.

Jackie Sedlock


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