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Hoosac Range Trail

This high-elevation BNRC trail offers outstanding hiking, snowshoeing, views, and birdwatching during autumn raptor migration.

A three-mile ridgeline trail (6 miles round-trip) takes you over dramatic cliffs formed by “glacial plucking” with trees twisted into fantastical forms by wind and ice. A destination is Spruce Hill, with stunning views over North Adams, Mount Greylock, and Florida State Forest.

A 2-car through-hike option: Leave one car at the trailhead just inside Savoy Mountain State Forest and descend from Spruce Hill via the Busby or Blackburnian Trail.

On the Hoosac Range you might want to try the shorter 1.5 mile round-trip loop to Sunset Rock as a fine alternative to the longer trek. 

Visit the link below for map and GPS coordinates.

North Adams
Berkshire Natural Resources Council
North Adams, MA