Diane Sullivan

Diane Sullivan’s ceramic sculptures are like ancient busts of mythological characters recovered from centuries buried deep in the earth.

At the same time, her sculptures are current, contemporary, and about us today.

We reached out to Diane to ask about her work and community.

What’s it like to be a practicing artist in the northern Berkshires?

I am a ceramic artist who has lived in North Adams for 18 years. This is my home and I am fortunate to have a supportive arts community. Especially in this time of COVID, I have really appreciated the support of Assets for Artists and my friends.

What inspires your sculptures?
My ceramic heads are sometimes self-portraits, others are imagined and inspired by travel.

Any new processes you are excited about?
My latest work has taken me to firing with wood. I am fortunate to fire with Jackie Sedlock in Pownal. It has been a big learning curve but very exciting. Jackie’s skill and generosity has supported my new direction.

To discover more of these extraordinary sculptures, check out Diane’s website below. 

North Adams