Always inspiring

Stone Hill — Sloping behind the Clark Art Instute, meadows and pastures lead to sculpture, woods and trails. The museum encompasses 140 acres around the art conservation center.

Sol LeWitt — In vivid colors, 105 large-scalewall drawings, spanning almost 40 years, fill a 27,000-foot building at Mass MoCA with swirls, blocks, mazes and shapes.

Natural Bridge — Hudson Brook falls down a 60-foot gorge under the only natural white marble arch in North America: 550 million-year-old stone carved by glaciers 13,000 years ago.

Williams College — Find  musical instrumentsChapin Library‘s rare manuscripts, Sawyer Library’s vast windows, public art at WCMA and on campus, and the river walk below Cole Field.

The Cascades — A short walk from the end of Marion Ave. in North Adams follows Notch Brook to the foot of the waterfall. The path is maintained by the Trustees of Reservations.